Aircraft exterior technical markings are available in a number of formats:

1. Decal or Stencil    2. Aircraft & Engine Type      3. Per ATA      4. Engine Type only      5. Zonal     6. Per Customer request.

Typical exterior placards & markings provided by Aerosigns include:

  • General Exterior Markings
  • Registrations
  • Livery Logos & Artwork
  • One-off Promo Decals
  • Anti-Tamper Decals

As standard, exterior decals are fabricated on 3M 220 series clear and white vinyl.
Stencil kits can be provided for tech markings, registrations and artwork as required.
Note: Requirements for decals installed on a dark background should be discussed with our technical department at +44 (0)2894 548180.

If you are an MRO then please contact us so we can provide order forms for different aircraft types.
These forms list all the necessary external markings for a specific aircraft type and can be used as a quick method for ordering and tracking your decals.